Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday Nursery Leader

Sunday is church. Jason has Baylie duty.

The best thing about being the nursery leader at church is that Darby is in my class. She is also the class bully. And bounces off the walls. But good thing she is so cute.

It was girls only this Sunday. here is Kelsey. She is so sweet and gentle...and most importantly she doesn't eat her snacks, so I eat them.

We have the only nursery in the billion chapels in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (this is only a hypothesis) that has two rooms, doesn't share our building, and has a fenced and shaded grassy area. Spoiled rotten.

Meet Payton. She has lots of personality and her and Darby run around together screaming. Yesterday I thought I would get fired (except of course that its volunteer) cause we were so loud.


Amber said...

You only wish you could get fired. HA....I so miss the outside play area. Our new ward building doesn't have one. I really think it is a rare thing, but such a great idea. I wonder why they don't do it more often. Most buildings have the space, just not the fence.

Beth said...

I bet you are the BEST nursery leader. I wouldn't mind that calling now that Tyler is in nursery. He's doing so good so far!

the mccoy's said...

jungle gym outside? that is posh. and that is a fancy word for living in up in cali. did you ever get fancy nancy for darby?

uncleb said...

i think ole darbs got evans hair even though most of her is mccoy

Nancy said...

what is a fancy nancy? I like the name : )