Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seattle Outing

In our trip to WA we finally did the tourist thing in Seattle...or at least a taste of it. I have never done that before. Side note: is there a limit to the amount of pictures in a post, cause this is a record. We went to the Science Center which I was like, yeah, been to the one in LA...but no way, this won is much cooler. Jason's family lives 45 minutes south of seattle. Basically.

Okay, so you can't really tell at all but basically there were three enormous rooms dedicated to awesome fun things and lots of kids stuff or kid-like adults.

Jason being the weather man on the green screen. Carl, how did he do? Mist?

Yep, got to get a pic of the space needle.

My kids will find any source of water and get drenched no matter where we are.

Marschell and Michael...we hadn't met and about dang time people! Very impressed!

They were like major posing at every stop. These kids know what they are doing. Heidi and Jadon with Luke aka speed boy as he asks us to call him. no joke.

Science center...but seen one dino bone you've seen them all right?

Gotta get a pic of Erin being funny. Remember, she is tied for 3rd. And looking mighty fine.

Grandma McCoy reading to the kids. Sweet moments like this.

Darby is in heaven. Her blanket. A doll. Making a little spot for herself in the toy room.

Seattle city scape. or is it cityscape? hmmm...

More McCoys. By the way, my personal and quick assessment of Washingtonians is they are a bit hippie, a bit granola, diverse...and pearl jam lovers of course. They seem like they would gel is Boulder people as well.

Other cousins also determined to find water and wet themselves before we go into a museum.


English Garden said...

The view of the yard in the pic with Jason's mom reading to the kids is awesome. I so gotta get Eric on board about moving to WA!!

the mccoy's said...

so good to see everyone!

Amber said...

Love the pictures, but what I'm curious about is WHY Luke's Preschool told you he could no longer attend. Didn't he just start? I'm so confused. I hope everything works out okay.

Amberli said...

Ahhh! So many fun pictures. We're so sad to have missed out on all the family fun...some day we'll live close enough to hang out!