Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our vacation in Washington

We love Washington. I always forget. Just like I forgot to pack for the flip flops and shorts in August...what was I thinking? Jackets and long pants. Boots. Can you feel the breeze already? It was breath of fresh of air...get it? No smog. Jason's parents have the biggest yard, the kids can roam forever. The first day grandma McCoy caught 2 snakes and put them in jars.

My cute sister in law Sarah and her girls. We would hang out all the time if we lived there. She is cool. She is in the 3 kids club as well.

We picked and ate soo many apples. We picked at least a 100 and the kids ate probably 3 a day. Sour like granny smith. We left some out for the deer. Washington apples at grandma and grandpa's house. Pictured is the very active Alex (5) and Luke (4). They were great buddies and roamed and played together. We love cousins.

Grandpa McCoy and Baylie. Nice to see him in his element. I swear he was so different in WA then when he visits us. I think he is more comfortable at home. on his turf. Played baseball with the kids, gave motorcycle rides, took us out on the boat, piggy back rides, babysitter, and excellent potato peeler.

Alex and Luke before church.

Grandma McCoy. Here's all the kids that stayed at their house. What a cute picture. We sure missed the rest of you.

No thats not Brittney Spears, its me you goof! Holding a boa constrictor. Got to be cool mom for the kids. I actually really like snakes.

Meet the Egberts. Old friends of Jason's we finally got to see. Their kids are growing like weeds. Such a nice family.

Some of the McCoy clan pictured at North West Trek. Don't worry, more pictures to follow, I'm just getting warmed up. Special shout out to Michael-violin-and-trampoline-Lockwood if you are reading this!


gay said...

please tell me that boa constrictor isn't one of the snakes your mother-in-law caught in the yard!! haha. i'll be honest, looking at you holding that snake sends panic all through out my body! i'm not a snake person at all. looks like you had fun!! let's run soon!!!

Amber said...

Whoa. Baylie looks so old in that picture with her grandpa. Holy Cow. How did she get so big in such a short time. Must be all of that "FRESH" Washington air. Glad you had fun. And more glad that you are back. :o)

Renee said...

Looks and sounds so fun. Kinda like going to Utah for us. Grandma and Grandpa always so much for the kids to do. Jared's dad is the same way. Himself at his home. So glad you are back and had a great time.

the mccoy's said...

looks like SO-ooo much fun. thank you for sharing your pics. love, cori

Anonymous said...

awesome cant wait to hear and see more of what you write. thanks for giving me a special shout :). anyway ill check back frequently and i heard the boa constrictor story today, so funny...