Saturday, June 30, 2007

Babbling Brooke

Check out Swimsuit Baylie
This is one of my favs of Darby's hand me downs and since we don't play favorites, it was even a hand me down from a cute little girl Sydney that went to Darby. Even the oldest gets hand me downs at our house :) I don't normally have much to say but all this funny stuff has happened and I havent' taken many pictures this week, some due to the recent blindness in my left eye that finally kicked my butt on Thursday and saw a doc on Friday.

I am a spectacle. People stop me everywhere I go. No I'm not trying to repopulate the world, and yes we planned all our children to the month exactly, actually. And yes, lots of times I think I'm a crazy person too. Or at least very amused at myself. So this week at the new Topanga Mall we went to the kids play area, ate at Target (yes they have a Target in the mall, are they a genius or what!) and rode on the merry go round. This is what I was told "My hats off to you" and "I can't believe you are here alone (with my three little ones) , I never go anywhere without my mom" (to which I responded, if my mom lived close I wouldn't either!) and "Are they all yours?" and the most frequent "You have your hands full" ...very observant those ones are. But I'm secretly glad to be noticed even if sometimes its judgmental and I just want to say, Yep, aren't they stinkin cute!

Luke and Darby were having a ball chasing each other and Baylie was in the bjorn. They love each other so much. In public I will say I feel the need to be extraordinarily calm and resourceful just so I don't scare anyone from having children. So Cori and Sarah, I can only imagine what people say to ya'll and I'm glad to know there are other classy mommies with a full brood. The cutest girl who I knew in BYU married ward just had her fifth child and she is younger than me! Crazy lady. And she still is hot! In Evans (my maiden name) lingo we would say that is just gross (meaning we are jealous and hate her, no not really, but just we just called people gross who are sickeningly talented or really put together...we also say something is gross if its really very yummy).

While I'm on my child bearing soap box...I think it just cause I feel lucky to host these little people on Earth and help them get a body. And good thing they are cute cause sometimes you want to throw them out the window (which is something the cute girl at BYU told me and I never understood). Motherhood is empowering. I hope I can be as fun as my mom was growing up. She was a blast. And I can just imagine me in heaven going, Yeah, you can come to our family too, cause I like a party. Jason and I had so much fun visiting the Vegas McCoys in March and although I highly doubt we'll have five kids, it was so great to see them and see how much fun their house is. My hats off to you.

Quotable Luke So we just finished lunch and it was the celebrated nap time and so I'm walking the kids to their room and told Luke to "Go get in your seat." and I meant bed. and he responded, "Mom, you always say wrong stuff!" which is very true. Poor child whose mom speaks dyslexic. How is it to have a mom that never makes any sense. Just made me think of my old roommates who tried to "Decipher" what I saying and Jason who I think was the first person who didn't tease me about it. He just laughs.

Here's a TAG for you.
things i used to hate, (such a strong word. better put; "an aversion to") but now i admit i love or tolerate.
1. Shots...I fainted when I got my ears double pierced at 18, now I have them weekly
2. Shrimp, now I love it. Lets eat at Gradys in Graceville, Florida!
3. Putting stuff in my eye... dude, bring it on.
4. Cleaning, totally appreciate it, why didn't I figure it out sooner
5. Salads, thank you Jackie!
6. Being a Nursery leader in Church...I stunk when I was 1st married
7. Goat cheese
8. Cooking
9. Babysitters, i love them and was the worst one growing up, sorry for all the families who paid me.
10. thats all I could think up for now
i am curious to know what you love or tolerate now, that you didn't before. please share.


Adam said...

Brooke - I am amazed at your blog. Seriously, how do you find the time? You must be a computer pro or something. This post had me laughing (and pondering procreating once again). We'll see about that one. At least I have pros like you around to get tips from.
- Beth

English Garden said...

I want to know how you find the time too, I manage to update my blog but you are always changing your elements. Such cute pics, such cute babies!!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I love your blog. You are such a better mom than I was. I am so proud of you!