Monday, July 2, 2007

Dinner for a hot day

This is my dinner time with the kids. Jason eats breakfast with us, but dinner is me and the kids. Unless I am running really late. It was so HOT today(thanks Julie for letting us swim in your pool, it was great). I'm like what can I not cook? Tuna fish sandwiches! Oh wait, I don't have bread. Plan B tuna fish with crackers. And my kids were thrilled that they finally got ranch on their salad cause I've been on a Italian kick. My kids love Ranch. Luke ate 3 helpings of salad, and then we ate ice cream of course.

Luke posing for the camera

You know you wanted to see our dinner up close. And all our meals include chickpeas cause I love them all of the sudden. Can't get enough of the chickpeas.

Darby stabbing at her food. Tuna fish wasn't a hit with the kids, but I like it.

Baylie chillin while we eat.

Luke made a cucumber sandwich.

Darby posing like a champ.


the mccoy's said...

this cute post just warms my heart. you and your cute kids. i love it. you rock brooke. coolest and most fun mom ever.

walter said...

wow, this is the coolest personalized website that I have ever seen. I seriously think that this could be like a movie or something, people should pay to read it, it is that good. impressed brooke, you do have style, even though i always thought your art was a bit ugly. haha. seriously, nice. love the pictures. i told the girls i think baylie looks like grandma dalton mixed with mccoy.
xoxothanks for the email

walter said...

and darby posing is a mccoy through and through