Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sunny California

Here is where Luke takes swim lessons...at 9:30 a.m. Gorgeous fancy neighborhood. I love his teacher, she is the boss. Luke is a great swimmer, I am so proud of him. Thanks also to his buddies Delanie and Julian.

I love swimming...makes me want to go in too!

Baylie smiling in her carseat. Baylie does not like being in the car. If you remember what infants are like (or at least mine), they are either crying or sleeping in the car. The big kids are like, "mom, help baylie" and I'm like...dude, guess who else was like this :)


the mccoy's said...

love the makeover. he'll be going off the diving board in no time!

charlotte and clarke said...

Brooke, you crack me up, I love your blog! Baylie is super cute. Tonight we are going to have tortilla pizza's thanks! We miss you guys!

derelique said...

how come Luke swims with a T-shirt on, is he growing a hair sweater already?