Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nappy Rats Nest

Big Bow strikes again. I love these. This pink number was made by my friend Holli ...she takes orders! Why do little girls love princesses so much? Thanks Nana for this cute shirt...actually both of the ones the kids are wearing..and the blanket Luke is holding, and the bow...hmmm, is there a pattern?

This is how Darby wakes up in the morning. We are growing out her bangs and basically she can never see. I almost cut them everyday, but don't.

Try combing this out. She has super fine hair too, I can't believe it does this. Ouch is right. Poor little Darby, what does she do when she sleeps? Sheesh. Lots of conditioner required. Whenever Luke fusses about me doing his hair, I'm like, have heard your sister crying this morning, be glad you are a boy.

This is Baylie sleeping in the car seat. Hopefully she won't get flat head :) We love her.

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Amber said...

Wow. I thought Ashlyn's hair was bad in the morning. Poor little thing. What DOES she do while she sleeps? That must be so hard to get out every morning.
As for the video, it's super easy. Create an account on Then upload a video from your computer. We have a mac, so we have our home videos in IMovie. But I'm sure pc's have something similiar. Anyway, upload your video clip onto youtube. After it uploads, it gives you the option to copy and paste the code of the clip into a blog. So all you do is create a post on your blog, like normal, and then embed the code to your video in the body of the post. Hope that makes sense.