Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Day in Our Home

Luke is holding the camera and taking a picture of himself. See that gap between his teeth? What do you think Uncle Nathan?

This is Luke's sweet shot after he took all these great pics. He has like three bandaids on his leg. Yesterday at our friend's house he stepped on a wire and I pulled it out. Without fainting, how far I have come. He was very brave.

O, McDonalds. How I love you and your toys. Luke took this picture. Cheeseburger happy meal please. We love you and your toys and play area. What joy you bring. We love to eat your fries hot in the car on the way home.

Funny Darby and Baylie have the same face on. This morning in jammies on our bed.

Luke took this picture, my kids love the digital camera. Look at those Relief Society arms. Beautiful. One more week before my hard core workouts begin and I utilize my new Nike plus. My shirt smells like puke. Difference between kid 1 and kid 3. On kid 1 I changed my shirt 4 times a day and cried about it. On kid 3 I just smell and refuse to change. Jason is soo lucky.

This is Baylie's first picture smiling. I just happened to catch it.
Darby wore this outfit. Baylie looks like Luke. For sure.

This is what happens when I'm on the phone and Luke finds the camera.

Luke took a picture of his room. I'd say it spick and span, wouldn't you. See that basket of clothes that need to be put away. Yesterday I met this cute lady at McDonalds, where we were hanging out with the kids (cause mine were so good at the Post Office, that's where they wanted to go) and she was said she admired people like me. And I was like, "Well my house isn't very clean" and the whole time I"m like, what are talking about? She was acting kinda funny and turns out her brother has three kids who are 4 years apart whose wife doesn't work and they have two live ins--one nanny and one who cooks/cleans. Ohhh, now I understand why she thinks I'm crazy. She also said her daughters preschool is $800 a month. Gotcha.


Anonymous said...

Luke I love the space between your teeth. It looks just like the one I used to have. Great for spraying water : )

G. Sterling said...

i've never seen someone look so happy to have their picture taken while on the phone and holding a crying baby at the same time, with a house that needs cleaning and their children are running around naked or taking random pictures without their parents knowing!