Saturday, May 12, 2007


Christina, Me, Alli, and Pam
In an effort to show what I do besides mothering my darling children, its BUNCO time. Similiar to poker night or bridge club, Bunco is a no brainer game (think Yahtzee) that our genius friend Pam organized. Shout out to Pam, who is a blog checker, yippee! Its basically an excuse to party with girls at night. Its once a month and we rotate houses (I'm set to host in January 2008--Yes!) And if you can't come you get a sub...we have a sub list. We bring $5 to cover prizes and the host person makes dinner. Most of us are married or mothers or highly eligible and we are all LDS (ie: Mormon--you don't have to be LDS to play FYI) and its amazing how lively things can get with candy and Diet Coke. Alli was a great host and practically a gourmet cook, so it was a win/win....except for the fact that I almost won the biggest loser prize until it was snaked from under me when Kelly and I had to do a runoff...which I lost, but somehow didnt' get the biggest loser prize...hmmm.

Arlene, Kathy, Hillary and April.

the gorgeous Kelly and Naomi

smiling Lisa, Kirsten, Sarah and Rachel

Cute Sarah, Kelly and Kirsten (who just had a baby the day before Baylie was born and also won the most Buncos award). Sarah always keeps me laughing.

Hillary and I who had babies on the same day...she also happens to be in the short girls club with me...its very exclusive.

We also celebrated Rachel's 27th birthday! Congrats! Rachel and I have known each other before we either had children and now she is due with her 2nd. Party on Bunco Girls! We never get to see each other all these girls and I and its so fun to have an excuse to get out of the house...and its super cheap.


the mccoy's said...

i loved reading about all your fun times. i love bunco too. can i come too! thanks for the idea. i am in charge of girls night out everymonth in our ward. you have any more ideas?

the mccoy's said...

the 3rd pic down, i swear the girl from afar looks like angelina jolie. wouldn't surprise me. miss HOLLYWOOD!