Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Darby is 2

Happy Birthday my sweet Darby! I love you so much! I'm so lucky to be your mom! Wahoo you are 2!

Showing some Bama pride with her brothers hand me down shoes on. Thanks Nana now we have cuter ones. Luke is Darby's hero.

Darby loves wearing sunglasses! Those are her mamas.

Look at my little chimpanzee!

Creative use of Daddy's shirt! Dance girl!


the mccoy's said...

happy 2 birthday darby. you are so cute. have a piece of cake times 7 for us 7mccoys!!!

English Garden said...

So cute, and oh so big, I remember holding you in the hospital whilst your nana watched the American Idol final. Kate says happy birthday too, she's been singing it all day since we left you your message.

Darek and Amberli said...

happy birthday Darbs! Seriously, she's sooo darling, what a cutie.