Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flames on my Mini Van

I really want to put flames on my minivan. Pink and orange. I tell Jason after my 4 and final baby, I am going to do it. He says no way, but I figure I have at least two years to wear him down. Pimp my ride flame sprayer guy. Now I need to come up with a new name when the flames are done. Right now its "Gray Van" hmmm...thats not really working for me.


the mccoy's said...

brooke, you rock my world. i will give you $100.00 to do that to your minivan. so hilarious of a girl you are. i am all drugged up, and laughed a bit harder than usual at your post. i love the flames. i will send you a big pair of furry dice to hang in your window too.

Anonymous said...

I figure if Linda Bowdoin can do it to her PT cruiser, you can for sure do it to your minivan. You might have to tint the windows a little darker if you want me to ride in it : )

Boss Lady said...

thats a great idea!