Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Black Eye

So Darby finally has her first black eye, Luke got his at 8 months old. From the Dodger Game, it was quite terrible. Her cheek collided with the back of a bleacher while she was running. It wasn't so bad at first, but get worse everyday as shiners do. And here they are playing in the hamper, my poor deprived children do that for fun. seriously, you have tons of toys and they end up in hamper. Luke almost got a black eye when his Nana was here, but it ended up as just a cut. Luke got his wound playing catch with a real baseball. They are very hard. No they did not 'fall down the stairs'


the mccoy's said...

i totally love your blog. it's so good to see your way cute family. i love you guys so much! we want to star in jasons movies too. hey post some pics of napoleans baby. when we come visit, can we make a lunch date with them? have you seen blades of glory yet? or anything recent?

i should just email you, but since i am here, i mise well talk now.

so the queen came out today. did you see it? personally i loved it. i thought it was a total accurate portrayal of how they treated princess di. i loved her. i remember exactly where i was, and what i was doing when i found out she was killed.

did you see dream girls? i loved loved that. i love musicals. surprisingly it ended up being one. i really liked it. i can understand how people may find it totally annoying, or they can't stand beyonce, but i thought she did great in it. my fav was jennifer hudson. she can sing.

i am always interested in what movies you and j approve of.

i bet you hated wild hogs. see, i thought it was so funny.

i still haven't seen amamzing grace. amber said it was great.

i want to see disturbia in a scary way. i really don't like scary movies.

i just watched 16 blocks. that was pretty good.

i loved the illusionast. holy smokes that was a good movie.

i am sorry for little darby's shiner. she is so cute with it. makes gher look so tough too.

post more, blog on, k-bye!

G. Sterling said...

if baylie gets a black here pretty soon i'm gonna start to wonder brooke...