Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Luke the Photographer

These are some sweet pictures, don't you think? Luke is a fab-o photographer. I'm holding his beloved Ninja Turtle from McDonalds...10 points if you know which one it is. He actually has a cooler Ninja Turtle not from McDonalds that he got from his Uncle Brandon (who is holding him in the Dodger's pictures). Cowabunga Dude! Another 10 points if you have seen the new movie, which i have not, but Jason took Luke and his buddy Owen.


the mccoy's said...

you and darby look exactly the same. so cute. whoah. don't you think your bro. looks like jason? i have never seen your bro. thanks for clarifying.

English Garden said...
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English Garden said...

great pictures, worth a few pizza's dude!! Eric's guess on the turtle is Donatello (he claims that he can recognise them by their weapons but we can't really make out the weapon in the picture!)