Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dodger Fans

We are the biggest Dodger Fans! Jeff Kent #12 is our favorite. So my mom babysat Baylie and we went on Saturday night. Dodgers beat the Pirates in a walk off grand slam. Luke loved taking a picture by the big #4 baseball because he is 4.


Amber said...

Sheesh Brooke. You do have a WAY more exciting life than me. I am so jealous. Out going to a Dodgers game two weeks after having a baby. You ROCK!!!!
I always knew you were tough.

the mccoy's said...

so fun. there is nothing like baseball games. i miss the mariners. have a hot dog with onions for me. i wanna go there too, next time we come.

the mccoy's said...

ok. i just re looked at the pics. that is not jason holding luke. i am kinda scared brooke. who is that? its kinda creepy to me, to think that that was jason. yesterday i thought it was jason. he looks exactly like him. is that a bro in law? a neighbor? a clone? please tell.