Thursday, June 1, 2017

bad news

Have heard lots of bad news lately, seems likes its coming wave after wave.

Our neighbor Jim died very unexpectedly.  He was such a sweet man, really looked out for our family, was always around and probably heard way too much of our business and still talked to us!  He used to bring us free day old bread from Costco, was a staple in the neighborhood and like the best watchman around.  My kids would often yell out the door "Thank you Jim" when the door bell rang and there would be a pile of bread there.

Didn't get to say by, we will miss him and know he will be doing lots of good on the other side.  Left his sweet wife here who has cancer.  Just the kindest most Christian people in word and deed. Jim was the preacher at his church and his heart stopped during choir practice after a perfect Sunday of church, swimming and tacos his wife said.  Will not be the same not seeing him all the time.

Life sure seems so unpredictable of late.  Ya don't get pick some of your problems, grateful for the ones we have.  Just trying to always make sure we get the ones out of our control and that we aren't doing anything to be the problem ourself.  Focusing on God and family and enjoying each other.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and I know life continues beyond the grave.

Jason's uncle Jim passed very unexpectedly too this month and way too young.  While we did not see him very often, maybe a handful of times if that in our marriage, he left behind a devoted family but one that is proud of man he was and a faithful legacy of good deeds.  All you can hope for really.  And so glad to be sealed to our families for eternity.

I look at my precious kids and hope to make sure to spot all the red flags in their future and warn them and teach them...but really the most important thing you can teach is the problems can be fixed, you are never too far away from Christ and he always always always wants you back.

Keep thinking about the prodigal son, and Alma the younger and Saul who became Paul and all the other imperfect people I have read about my whole life who were tested and become trusted by the Lord and great servants.  Do I really believe those stories?  Do I really think that people can change? Can He make them even better than they ever could have imagined to be?

And yes I do.  Shoot I have.  and so grateful of extra chances to get life right and for the Saviors forgiveness and help and softening hearts...mine and others.

Okay, now someone tell me a good joke cause i need it.

Last day of school for Luke he is officially a high schooler, where is the time going.  I miss my best friend baby boy but this stage is even better.

I promise I'm okay, just helps to write out these thoughts when I get them.


Brandon Walter Evans said...

What runs but does not walk? Your nose.

Lindsey said...

Hey! Death is so sad!! Love you and your amazing thoughts and testimony. Sorry you lost your neighbor and Jason's uncle!!

If your Russian when you go in the bathroom and Finnish when you leave the bathroom. What are you when you are in the bathroom?