Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ivy is now 6

Oh Ivy what would we do without you? You still want to hold my hand. You love to give hugs and kisses . You say the best prayers and are so thoughtful and remember everyone to pray for.

You are super fast and love love reading. You love to make people laugh and will ham it up to show off!

Your birthday was the last day of school so we brought donuts on Monday for your class and you got to bring home the birthday bad. On your birthday Darby graduated but I took you out for lunch and you requested cafe Rio (the lime pie place) . Then for dinner you wanted rotisseries chickens from Costco and oh yes breakfast was eggs and toast your favorite. Nana and grandpa spoiled you rotten and got you a new swing which is awesome. We got you a blow up pool and tap shoes. You asked for Oreo smash o for dessert and we watched beauty and the beast because it just came out.

The next day was the last day of school and the last day of having all four girls in Mrs Clark's kindergarten class (poor luke missed out).

I really didn't want you to grow up and turn 6 but you are a wonderful 6 year old and getting so old and smart! We love you Ivy!

(We still owe you a trip to chuck r cheese)

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Lindsey said...

Love hearing about Ivy! What a fun girl and birthday!! Can't wait to see her all grown up!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute cute

Nancy Jo said...

We love Ivy! That is awesome that all the girls got the same kindergarten teacher! Happy 6!