Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pretty great kids

It's like hot and cold over here. Someone's always crabby and sometimes it's me but we work it out! Love my bunch

Was looking at some of my old blog books and wow what treasures those are I need to start keeping this up even the little things. Like we couldn't remember when the kids started playing piano and looked it up there. October 2011 .

Young authors tonite neat they both got it!

Ivy took these pictures it was adorable

Fun to be with so many friends too!

Luke got his physical for football and weighs 152 pounds! Yahoooooo more than me!!!

The dentist office today thought he was 18! Swimming for ym/yw tonite they loved it

Tuesday I got to go to the temple twice in one day!!! I felt so happy all day what a special place!

Fun to be with great friends to celebrate an awesome young woman following God.

Practicing my selfie stick I got for Mother's Day!! Thanks Jason!

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