Tuesday, May 16, 2017

funniest thing I have ever heard

oh man, today baylie just told me ...

"When I think about being a mom, all I think of the worst years are my life."


So I said why?

And she said because it seems so hard.

which I responded no duh but you get super tough and all the best things are really hard.  literally mention one thing that is really awesome that doesn't require a lot of work.  don't be scared of work.

seriously like bread.  it took me like a freaking decade to master making bread.

or college, or having babies, or marriage or saving money

or even even that awesome beauty and the beast movie, that took a lot of work to put that together!

thank you baylie for the best laugh all day.

and then i said, plus you get all these little people who think you are beautiful even if you are not and love you and give you hugs all the time.  its pretty great.  even with all the work (plus who wants to be a wuss? :)

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

I just heard a talk by Elder L Tom Perry whee he said " I believe that second only to ensuring that every child receives an understanding of the gospel of our Lord and Savior is teaching them the joy of honest labor."