Tuesday, March 7, 2017

the freaking pta

Okay, i know you are all so sick of hearing about this but my most scary meeting is tonite.

where the district is going to host elections and i've been praying praying praying and somebody will be willing to be president and 2 that person will be someone good so we can build on momentum.  but mostly cause i don't want to have to tell everyone no way am i doing it next year.

also there are 2 classes performing which means its going to be loud and full of people and also trying something new having spanish translators there.  just so many unknowns and i freak out at the unknowns.  if i have done it before, fine.  but new stuff scares the bejeezies out of me.

good news i know i will still be alive at the end of the nite.

and it will be over.

and i know in the scheme of life doesn't really matter, but boy its got my nerves in major knots.
luke says i was really the last time there was a new first thing with pta meetings, and he would be correct!  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger yet?

so perplexing to me that something that scares me so much and gives me anxiety is something good i am doing for others and also myself.  hopefully by the time i die I will be able to manage my freaking out more.  also spent hours preparing for this and for sure i'm doing NOTHING tomorrow.

maybe i will go to target cause that sounds like a party right now.  but for sure will be daytime movie watching.

here's hoping that everything goes ok.  (insert nail biting)

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