Tuesday, February 28, 2017

our stuff

I have the cutest home teachers right now who came over and gave us a lesson and played a game with us.  The kids love them!

we survived the father daughter dance.  The girls looooooved it.  it was pretty dang adorable.  But I don't think i can go another year time to pass the baton.

i'm really loving not having meat or dairy!!!  feels good!  ordered my first meal at a restaurant too!

Christie has been visiting more lately and feels like old times.

every day is action packed i'm dreaming for spring break and lazy summers.

this is the weirdest weather we are actually having a freaking winter.  like its cold and wet.  so strange.  i have not worn pants so much and sweaters its so awesome hope it lasts longer!

having some cousins come visit this week (mental note deep clean my house).

i freaking love my kids cause they will eat so much stuff.  this morning when i was meal prepping for my lunch, paisley decided she wanted to eat it for breakfast and had two helpings of quinoa with brussel sprouts and grilled onions!  What 7 year old do that?  how awesome.

Ivy also stole my chia pudding with chocolate almond milk and cherries.  i love that they will try so many foods.

darby has made mint brownies ( my moms recipe) twice this week and it is pretty much the greatest thing and brings so many memories.

speaking of which did zumba for the first time in forever and so many memories with that too. how I got so many of my friends up here and bringing my kids to run around.  love all the free stuff us church ladies did to survive and hang out.  was getting weepy that I was one of the few that didn't have a kid with me!  strange transition.

my adorable niece is running for BYU VP this week so if you know someone who goes there tell them to vote for Mackenzie McCoy!

I'm actually really loving my lipsense that I got.  quite handy.  now i want all the colors but it is pricey.

ok i'm bombed time to go to bed ;)

ps. christie signed me up for snapchat today and the girls were loving all the crazy faces!

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