Monday, March 13, 2017

Really Good birthday turning 38

Okay holy crap I'm getting old.  My kids would agree but they say I'm still cool.  (I'm sure Luke would disagree on that point)

So what did we do?  First I got showered with notes and homemade gifts from Paisley and Ivy.  But now Ivy wants her $1 back after seeing that I got more money from Nana yes I'm going to have to open my birthday cards privately from now on.  She was crying about it when she went to bed tonite I'm pretty sure she is taking that $1 back.

But Baylie and Darby decorated so cute the living room because they say I always do it for everyone else. They handmade snowflakes and hung them to the ceiling which was a lot of work!  Then they made signs and a paper chain and drew on the chalkboard. They were so sweet and excited it was my birthday I really felt like a queen.  So many hugs and kisses and smiles.

Darby made me mint brownies Sunday nite to eat today and they were beautiful, but sadly we couldn't eat them because something went wrong with the cooking?  Just a fluke because she has made them twice before and they are good!  She is awesome at making them so asked for a raincheck.

Luke I asked to sample his cookies he learned to make in culinary arts and they were great!  It was cute seeing his little reminder on his phone to make them.  Both Darby and Luke did it completely on their own. pretty neat phase we are entering where I don't have to make my own birthday treats....wahoo!!

Jason and Baylie went shopping and got me shoes and a cool pillow.

I volunteered in Ivys class.

Then I went to bootcamp/zumba at the church with my friends. And then ate at chipotle for lunch.  Oh yes, Jason ended up taking a sick day because he actually got sick and so that was fun to have him home even though I was gone a bunch for the morning.  Really like having him home but then we would have no money so grateful for his job!

I dragged the family on a pretty steep hike but it was beautiful and I think they really enjoyed it.  totally had to play the birthday card to get the boys to agree they are not be fans for outdoors and hiking.  But the view and green was beautiful.

We stopped off at the habit on the way home even though I was still pretty full but kids loved it and I enjoyed a chocolate malt!

Now onto Luke's birthday!  My reign is over, passing the torch.  Luke will be 14 on the 14th pretty special!  We just put up more decorations for him, blew up balloons, and need to wrap another present.

Fun getting texts from people and Facebook messages and phone calls.  I'm lucky to know so many great people who agree to be my friend!

oh yes and we finished the nite watching studio c! I was proud of us for still reading scriptures this morning (okay so only 1 verse each but it counts! and having family home evening in the car on the way to the hike! Go us!)

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Hey most days we do one verse total