Saturday, March 18, 2017

Luke is 14

which is funny because he has looked 14 for a while and he has been telling the attendants he is 14 so that he can ride with his little sisters....sooo glad its actually official.

but now he can go to dances!  which he says he is never going to but I think he will wind of loving them.

He got spoiled with presents by his grandparents and requested a slide phone from us which he loves.

Luke had a couple of his friends over who are still deacons for a last hurray during the dance.  They ate snacks and watched Nacho Libre.  He loved that too.

thankfully Luke is apparently very easy to please.  especially if it involves food because he loves food.

He played his new video games on his birthday and one girl gave him a bag of candy and another a giant birthday card.

We love Luke!

As a mom I have been spoiled because he is very responsible about school (or his mom very neglectful) and he stays up on everything himself and I rarely check up on him.  His piano playing is improving greatly after years of arguing with me about practice and what what?  Moms right and he know really enjoys it and is very glad he can play.  His piano playing in the morning (along with the other kids) is one of my favorite sounds in the morning or ever.  I especially love that he can play the hymns and the spirit that it brings.

luke is very strong physically which helps me out a lot at home.  He has a lot going or him and I'm excited about his future and hope he seizes all that life offers.  But my biggest wish for him is to stay close to the Lord and keep the commandments and always be humble and not entitled.  He is doing pretty dang good on those regards so hope he keeps it up.

I cannot believe high school is just around the corner and I'm already counting the number of summers I have of him home.  Life is such a funny thing.  I can barely remember now what it was like when Luke was little except that I was a very imperfect mom who didn't know what she was doing but that we were best buds.  Thankfully and sadly that is pretty much still true :)  But this age is probably my very most favorite of him even though he is way beyond sitting in my lap.  Thankfully he still gives great hugs and loves his mom.


Lindsey said...

Loved this about Luke!!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Playing with Davis reminds me when Luke was young. I guess it was that week I crashed on your couch in Studio City

Beth said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!