Thursday, March 9, 2017

Plant based diet

Here is documenting my new efforts!!! It's going pretty well. Despite that I do still need my treats. But haven't missed meat and dairy and I'm not super strict either. I can't do crazy which is ironic since I am the self declared crazy lady.

My digestion had to adapt but now feeling much better!

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

Good for you. That would be difficult for me. Last diet I liked mushrooms, onions, and the hard part of lettuce with lots of soy sauce and pepper.

Beth said...

You should link the recipes or titles if u have them. Looks so yummy. I have a few good ones for u. My veg friend is here this weekend so we've been making meals she can eat. Sunday dinner is mango black beans and rice salad over tortillas and u can do chicken and or cheese on the side for others. Also super easy sweet potato, black bean and corn enchiladas