Sunday, March 12, 2017


the other day i was listening to the radio which i rarely do cause its crap and this girl was saying about the underestimated cereals and it got me thinking.

whats if when my kids are old they don't even have these cereals anymore?

We love cereal at our house (ok well maybe i don't eat them but I like them) but it is like the most favorite thing of jason and the kids.  and even for me like the epitome of comfort food.

plus easy fast.

so then i thought I better document it on my blog so that we don't forget..

i mean this is for posterity!  important issues!

mccoy family favorite cereals.

corn chex
rice chex
life or cinnamon life.
rice krispies
cinnamon toast crunch
cracklin oat bran (a little goes a long way)
raisin oat bran (way better than raisin bran but we rarely get this)
honey bunches of oats with almond
honey smacks (ok so this one is my favorite)
reese puffs (and we can sing the song)
fruit loops
Fruity pebbles (blech i'm barfing in my mouth, but i'm the sole person who feels this way)
coco pebbles
Kix (I love this one, might be only one)
lest we forget ... the mom hated lucky charms but kids adore.  they only eat the marshmallows so i only buy it when i'm choosing not to care about that.  (this is paisleys favorite duh)
jason is the sole fan of grape nuts cause those are really just rocks aren't they?
oh yes i forgot about frosted mini wheats.  not like a fav fav but they like it and eat it.

okay thats all folks.

ps. i love 1 p.m. church.  ;)


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