Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My 20 year reunion is this summer how did this happen? Can you spy me in this flier?

Also the biggest thing I think of wow I haven't been a very good friend and hardly kept in touch with anyone :( definitely not my strength. I hope anybody will talk to me! And that I can remember them!

Reading to my kids at nite is win win. It settles (makes them fall asleep) them and me. This is what we are reading now and it's pretty perfect. Have used so many tricks over the years!

Loving this little family tree app. So so neat for my kids to learn their heritage more.

I love kids art. This is baylies.

From our walk where we found the erosion from the rain that looked like an earthquake!

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

Wow good art. Dr. Nichols was asking if you were going to reunion I said I assumed not.