Sunday, February 5, 2017

I am I am

Name that movie....

Paisley said that's her second favorite song from that movie.

Which is her favorite?

Ramsey is not dancing at the party ...

Apparently I need to watch it more.

Baylie and I had a little day date at Disneyland and we saw our Arizona cousins there!

Isn't this the cutest picture of her?

Oh yes and it was raining which made for short lines and wet shoes. Lots of time in the car but was a wonderful day. We came home and watched queen of katwe with the family that nite. Such a memorable movie!

My sister Lindsey told me the best idea so of course I stole it.

Morning routine has needed some improvement (i.e. I'm dying and failing)... so Lindsey said they had a family council and decided to take turns making lunches the nite before. So one person makes everyone's lunch the nite before (and I am paying mine $1 if they actually do it). Has saved so much time in the mornings and the kids have loved it (ya know minus luke) . The girls have been adding little notes to each other which is so sweet cause I haven't written notes in their lunches for a while (ie remember the dying). Baylie wrote on Luke's "go score a touchdown" which is an inside joke from an infamous sleepwalking nite.

Luke at this picture!

- Ivy counting out 6 frosted mini wheats for each person. They are getting creative on what goes in there!

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Lindsey said...

So cute!!

Nancy Jo said...

That is an awesome idea about having the kids make others lunches and write the notes! I should have thought of that too!!!