Saturday, January 14, 2017

Life in photos

The rain is helping our drought and making us so happy! Is there anything more fun that so cal kids to use their umbrellas when it's barely sprinkling? I think not.

Our friends told us they were doing a one time gymnastic clinic and the girls loved it! Sometimes I get frustrated of the missed opportunities of my kids but then I remember all the ones they do have and grateful for little tastes like this into something they enjoy. We only have so much time and money and skills we can't do everything!!! But glad for what we can do ...mostly ;)

The rain is killing soccer playoffs Californians are wimps but just makes the season last longer.

We survived our first week back at school. And I crossed a bunch off my PTA to do list. I'm officially on the countdown to June for when I get to pass the baton!

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Brandon Walter Evans said...

Looks snuggly on that couch. Wow baylie, never in my life could I climb rope that high very difficult