Monday, January 16, 2017

Great holiday

Girls watching our favorite show just add magic via Amazon prime . Ya we are getting a little tight in the queen bed.

I took them grocery shopping. Everyone wanted to push the cart and ride on it.

Love these spontaneous moments. The kids sure play together great despite their age differences. Sunday nite they had a very loud game of monkey in the middle which they loved. The brunettes on a team and the blondes and Luke on the hover board.

Look at this fun trick!

Oh my goodness look how awesome Jason and Luke are they finished the project that I started and did the hardest parts. So grateful and ya I'll be sticking to painting for a little while longer. Looks so great! All in one day now I just have paint it again.

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Brandon Walter Evans said...


Nancy Jo said...

That is so neat that Luke is old enough to help with your wall. It looks fantastic! Your family is amazing on the overboard! Two at once is crazy good!! Love all the pictures! Miss being there with you!! xoxoxo

Sara Jane said...

I LOVE your wall!