Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bring on 2017

Ok the truth is 2017 makes me so nervous I could be sick. Because I'm still pta president and there is a lot of worry on my mind there. But I know God wouldn't bring me this far to fail so I know He will help me and I will know for sure I did not do it on my own merits!

The last weeks of 2016 was the worst for me . I was so sick and felt miserable . It was like a slow crawl to the finish. Light the world turned into just make sure the kids are ok. Hahaha

A bunch of people and deliveries and cards I was gonna do just didn't happen. Oh well.

But I am on the mend and 2017 is looking to me much brighter.

In fact the past two days I'm thinking life is just way to good and pinching myself that everything is so good.

And my parents are here!!!! So lucky ! Seriously the whole house is happy! And we went to Disneyland even though the rest of the world did too!

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Lindsey said...

Great pictures!!!! So fun! Love all of them and especially the girls with their skates-- FUN! Hope you are healthy in 2017 and love your hair too!

Beth said...

Baylie looks so much like your mom. I'm sorry you were sick and I MISS YOU!!! But I know I will see you soon. xoxox