Saturday, November 5, 2016

why kids are so cool

just have to write down a few of these before I forget them....

We were at chipotle for a school fundraiser and I ask luke why did you get the chicken?  wouldn't you rather have steak?  and he said well I'm getting guacamole on it and I know thats extra.  Could have kissed that kid for being thoughtful and concerned about our money.  Maybe its because I have been asking the kids whats their favorite cheap meals and that we need to eat whats in the fridge ;)  so apparently they are listening!  And have been really awesome about eating bucket loads of macaroni! I have loved having him home from football, he is such a pleasant kid.  Love that he still asks me to play catch.

(in other news we are chipping away at our baby steps with Dave Ramsey...amazing program, tons of blessings from it)

other story, ivy has found she loves to pray very detailed.  Maybe because I praise her so much after for being but wow that girl is still going strong praying over the refugees!  And whatever ailment everyone has and my kids have not forgotten and both her and Baylie still pray about our cousin Jevonne so I better check to see if she is okay now! Are you sick or having problems?  Let us know and we will pray for you...and i'm for sure that kids prayers work double ;)

paisley had a neat thing where she lost something and then came bounding back a few minutes later telling me that Jesus told her where it was.  And so then I said did you thank Him?  And she did!  I'm telling ya this next generation is leaps and bounds ahead of me!

Baylie has discovered that she is happier and nicer (code for less battles with mom) if she reads her scriptures everyday.  This is especially hard for her because that girl loves her sleep so even two days this week Darby read hers outloud while she was fading but made a huge difference.  I love that she is noticing it and really making more effort.  Scripture power!!

Darby had a tough day this week when she had a really uncomfortable day with some reading material at school we didn't know about.  But she reacted like a champ and told me and we talked about what to do next and wow that girl is just super brave!

The older three kids have just really been noticing and feeling the weight of feeling like the only ones not swearing and have high standards.  Hard to watch as a mom because I wish I could just give them a big friend group that is safe and supportive, but know that they are tough little souls and wow how lucky is this world to have them!

ok last thing.  you know our love of musicals right?  especially listening in the car while I kinda explain the storyline ...well that have been wanting to watch the Phantom of the Opera movie.  Like for months and months.  Well Jason was at the temple and so I thought ok perfect nite.  and I thought it was probably ok for them and they can handle a little creepy.  Well oh man, 3 of them were bawling by the end of it crying cause nobody loved the phantom and seriously ivy could not stop crying because he had no mom (even though he was kinda pyscho and killed people!!!) (side note...lots more cleavage than i was expecting and one guy moons someone at one point oops, with also a bunch of statues 'like at the getty' so be warned!).  Most beautiful music though and I had to look up what gerard butler looked like in real life on imdb to reassure them that the phantoms face was makeup.  ahahah not sure if that was an awesome family experience or traumatizing but they will not forget it!  hmmm...guessing i should wait on les mis definitely for the littles for a few more years...

shh...i'm teaching relief society tomorrow.  always a little nervous about that but I love love the talk and am getting more confident and comfortable teaching (unlike the beginning where i sucked and then cried about it for days ...hmmm maybe the kids get it from me ;)

Here is the talk I picked for my lesson ...well the talk that when I prayed it was very clear that I should teach as well...

Linda S Reeves is pretty dang awesome.

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