Friday, November 4, 2016

Stuff I love

I love funny things especially when they are true.

Prepping before movie nite with mom. Cleaning up and getting cozy . Dad at the temple.

Stake temple day.

Ivy likes to eat her blanket


One of my favorite sights and sounds is my kids playing at the piano and here are 3 of them!!

I'm freaking out because paisley is an amazing student and paisley is making her favorite face! Which is one of my favorite faces too.

We have had to bump up scripture study earlier because Jason has been taking the train to work so kids have been going back to bed a little bit . Nothing cuter than snuggling!

Halloween nite. Why is dry ice so freaking fun?

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Sara Jane said...

Your hair is long and I love it!

Nancy Jo said...

I love your family! I love dry ice!