Monday, July 11, 2016

Shhhh don't tell Luke

Luke is in Vegas with his boy cousins his age and the girls have been jumping on his bed everyday! And tonite they are going sleep in there. 

He would not be happy about this but fortunately he doesn't read my blog :) plus the girls gotta have some fun right? Cheapest entertainment ever!!! 

Ps remind me to tell you about Luke and his cousin Keaton prank calling their grandpa about buying adult diapers! funniest story ever! 

Today we got our free summer books from Barnes and Noble thank you very much. 

And then they dipped ritz crackers and decorated them. That was a hit! Saw the idea from one of Ivys cute field trips to a chocolatier and it was a mess but worth it! 


Nancy Jo said...

That is the funniest ever - jumping on Luke's bed - hehehe!

Lindsey said...

What fun they are all having!