Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What makes you happy?

Put me in the water and I will always be happy!!! This is feeling true this summer!! 

On Mccoys news and awesome parenting 101 me and the kids just finished the entire lord of the rings movies. The loooong version. We loved it and Jason has banned me from using my favorite phrase 'I feel bad...' So I'm just embracing that my 5 and 6 year old saw a lot of blood and orcks . Roughly 12 hours of family bonding. This summer mantra is whatever keeps mama happy... 

And this summer what makes me happy is movies, reading, water, exercise, getting stuff done, a mowed lawn, a tan, a clean house, eating healthy and no fighting ... Now is that too much to ask? 

In other news... How awesome is this shirt I saw at the store? 

Fun having Lindsey visit! 

Cause we are 6 people (while Jason is at work) getting pretty cozy during the day! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

My similar saying is I don't feel good. If it makes you feel better token was a personal friend and contemporary of cs Lewis and has writings with surprisingly department plan of salvation type themes as well as the Lord of the rings were originally written as letters to his sons during ww2 to cheer up their spirits.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

We do have mclatchie blood

Beth said...

Haha... you know how I feel about LOTR ;) Also I want that small house sign!