Monday, May 30, 2016

My Darby is 11

Darby got to hang out with her friend Kelsey on Saturday!!!! She loved it! 

Wow I love this girl! And wow does she love her birthday? She said it was Christmas all for her! And lucky duck had Nana in town for it too! 

We watched Beauty and the beast and ate wings and had Oreo smash o. I took her out of school for lunch and the rest of the day and made crepes for breakfast! Birthdays are exhausting good thing I love her so! I cannot say enough good things about her! And I loved that she let all her sisters open one of her presents. 

She got a new camera and an our generation doll!  We asked if she wanted a party or presents and she said presents! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Beautiful kids. They grow so fast. I was just talking to Alvhild how Darby was such a snuggler when she was like two. I remember her being in time out on stairs at nanas house. Crazy. Did you hear JJ Huttos son got mission call to Spain? Time flies.

Lindsey said...

That is so sweet she let each one open a present and I think that last picture of you and her is my alltime favorite. Such a sweet talented nice and pretty girl Darby is!!

Alvhild Evans said...

She is so pretty and looking so grown up!!