Monday, April 18, 2016

Moments I want to cherish

Ps. Did you know that menchies has the same dole whip from Disneyland that is my favorite thing ever?!! 

Ivy is running out of preschool fieldtrips! Can't believe this year is getting close to ending! What am I gonna do when I don't go on tours of menchies anymore?!!!  I mean I got to go in their refrigerator for heavens sakes! 

I have turned into a big sap. My life is changing and I don't know how to feel about that. My babies are growing up and I'm quickly leaving....okay totally left the young moms club. 

But sheesh wouldn't you be a sap if you saw these faces every day and got these hugs? Good thing Jason makes me laugh pretty dang good (like this morning when he started to read the scriptures really really slow when Luke was trying to rush us... Dude that kid is bossy!) or else I don't know what I would do knowing my babies will eventually leave me .  Told ya...big sap. Who am I?!!! 

Paisley intently working on her rainbow loom 

This kid and his boy crafts. Making a chain he saw on YouTube . Save your soda can tabs for him he would love it! 

Speaking of look who is too cool to take a picture at the movies!! 


Alvhild Evans said...

So funny about Jason reading slow! I want some of that dole ice cream!! Yummmm!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Paisley so cute. Luke is definitely cooler than me

Nancy Jo said...

Love your blog! Love your pics! You have such a neat family - can't wait to visit!