Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I sorta suck

I am sick of kale.  And chia pudding.  And just want to eat all the chocolate.  Could be hormonal but really how long did my healthy eating last? 2.2 seconds?  still eating healthy and all the treats....poo.  I'm blaming having no dryer.  and PTA...and RS...and what else can I blame crap on?  But luckily I'm getting rid of all the clothes I used to fit into because of that handy dandy Japanese tidy book I am hooked on (read book 2 as well, loved it and getting Jason hooked).  The big problem being its like house will be messier before it gets cleaner.  But feels good to see those bags piling up in the garage.

Which brings me to my question.

Do I just donate all this stuff? Right now its at least 5 garbage bags full and will be many more by the time we go through everything in the whole house.

Or do I sell it which is what Dave Ramsey would say?

But also this entering the busy season for us with birthdays and holidays and stuff.  But also we aren't in sports so could make some time.

Hmmmm....what do you think?

also Ivy was an amazing trooper today when I brought her to scripture study and visiting teaching...like both not very kid friendly things and that girl was great.  Dear ivy, please forgive me for not taking you to the zoo hardly ever ever, but at least you get to enjoy disneyland regularly so life cannot be that bad for you right?  but seriously that girl is so independent.  And it just hit me the other day.  she is courtney!   Thats how courtney was must be something about the youngest child?  Courtney was so much more independent than any of us!

Also,  since I love my birthday more than anything really and am already starting to celebrate it, I gave myself my first present and went to the family history fair all day on saturday and it was amazing.  So so neat and the time passed so quickly.  Really was inspired about teaching the kids about indexing so did that for family home evening Sunday nite and the kids really took to it.  Especially Baylie. Wow, like joyful and enthused like I haven't seen her since her baptism.  That Baylie is pretty neat. 

Have some great videos on it at lds.org showed them too, perfect for kids to explain what indexing is.

Hmmm what else?

Fried rice for dinner...Evans style which means there is bacon and pork in it.  Always a hit.

Church was really good on Sunday.  2 Nephi 4 really hit me.  That Nephi was just so cool.  Even he gets down on himself and has to remember all the good things too.  Picked our ponderize scripture from there.

ps. my dryer is fixed and its awesome.

This is the photo of me sorting through my clothes to see which ones bring joy and I will keep.  I have garbage bags adding up in the garage of stuff that will not be staying!


Brandon Walter Evans said...

So cool baylie indexing. Mid june I start my mega diet than I can share pain. My vote is donate.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

So cool baylie indexing. Mid june I start my mega diet than I can share pain. My vote is donate.

christy said...

Donate. It's easier, helps others and you can write it off on your taxes. We have regular DI drives here and they remind us that when you serve others you serve the Lord and do we only donate our junk to the Lord? No, we should give things others would actually want to wear.

Amber said...

Don't worry. I "sorta suck" too. I think it's called motherhood. LOL! (and btw- I don't think you suck.)

Sara Jane said...

That Baylie is amazing! I love that pic of her! I can't believe your fire! You are so blessed. That is crazy. I am going to check those books out at the library. I am pretty good with getting rid of stuff, but I am so sick of papers and I want to be able to just fit everything into our house where we can find it easily and quickly. I hate when "stuff" controls me.