Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting messy to get tidy

okay, so this weekend we went through our books and got rid of 130 of them....we think even closer to 150 but we weren't counting in the beginning.  What a mess!

2 topics down, a bunch to go.  but the whole place looks pretty crazy...except for my beautiful drawers and closet.  they are a sight.  according to the book you aren't supposed to worry about storage yet so i just did a little so I wouldn't go crazy but wow feels so nice to only have things I really love to decide what to wear.

also i have found that i do harbor lots of guilt getting rid of things, so it has really been helping to do what she suggests and tell the items thank you before they go into a big black garbage bags... so I say, "thank you for your service"

really helpful that Jason finished the book too because he will remind me if I'm waffling about an item.  he tells me " thank it for the joy it gave you when you bought it".  one of the hardest things was all my old ensigns (church magazines) I just had to say, hurry take them from me.  and couldn't think about it.  Waffling usually means you dont' love it, unless its something you really need or a resource.

today my goal is to go through the kids books because the little girls room especially is stuffed to the brim.  this might be more helpful for people living in smaller places because i feel like we really have a need here.  especially if we are going to make this house longer for us, don't want to see clutter every where.  also, helps thinking I only have to do this one time ever and then I wont have to anymore.

if anything just trying my patience because I like to hurry and get things done but just not possible.  Oh man I should start praying for more patience in general cause I could always use it!  

Dear Marie Kondo, I love you and your cute  little japanese tidy book.  The best thing it has done is reminded me how much I love my stuff.  sometimes I have a negative attitude and think everything is old or hand me downs but as I have been doing this process i am more grateful and lucky that I have some many things to make my home joyful and me happy. 

my new plan just is to setup a table in front of my house with a sign that says free books because they are so heavy don't even want to haul them anywhere.  
just as soon as the rain stops.  bless that rain! 

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Jenn said...

Awesome!! Just don't get rid of the library book I lent you.....