Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lucky lady

Last nite I woke up in the nite and didn't know why. But was so filled with gratitude for my life that I thanked God. Thank you for all my beautiful babies. Thank you for my wonderful husband who I love more than ever. Please protect them and keep them safe. And keep me safe too please for that matter. I want to be with them for a long long time. Don't know how I could be so lucky but truly blessed than I could ever think.

And then I thanked Him for never giving up on me. And being patient with me and for loving me always even when I really needed it. And I sure wish I could be the person He wants me to be someday and sorry for being too judgemental and gossipy sometimes. I am trying. 

It's the week of my birthday ...which means it's my favorite week of the year (oh you think I'm kidding I'm that vain). And what a week it's been. So far we have been eating cheesecake and last nite I went and saw a movie (Eddie the eagle which I loved but not for kids yet til it's edited a bit) . But mostly just happy to be alive. Happy to get my house in order even if it means I make a bigger mess in the process. 

Was bummed at first that my birthday was on Sunday cause it changes it a bit but lucky I get to share my day with His and my six favorite people. Don't always feel glowing with gratitude so need to remember these moments and grateful for my nearly 37 years.


Alvhild Evans said...

Happy birthday week!!! 😃 hope you're getting spoiled!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute photos

Nancy Jo said...

You look so pretty in those pictures! Happy early birthday! What a great idea - get your birthday cheesecake early and enjoy it all week!!! : ))) LOVE YOU!

Beth said...

Happy birthday weekend!!!!!!!