Thursday, February 25, 2016

Small Fire still means big news for us

This week learned the value of friends, fires and blessings.  Also laundry and fans and the smell of smoke.

After a big scare on Monday when I came home and realized there was a fire in the house!  I had been watching some little friends of Ivys and somebody had turned on the stove and I was juggling too many things to notice.  Also I had put a thing of croissants from my neighbor Jim on the stove so that was crisp as well as a pile of paper crap and odds and ends on the counter next to it.

#1 Wow so much smoke my lungs were burning.  Wow the smell of smoke is strong and hard to get out.  Oh yes and then our dryer decided to die to have been friends let me use theres which is awesome.

#2 So luck our house didn't burn down.  It should have been much worse. I was gone for 1 1/2 hours and my stove on HIGH.

#3 so grateful for my friend Amber who helped pick up my kids when I was realizing there was a fire of course at the exact time school was getting out and then hosted us over for hours afterwards while our house was airing out and then fed us and my kids LOVED LOVED being over there.  seriously they thought it was the best thing ever.  I was a little bit in shock and just grateful someone else was telling me what to do and helping me.  Friends like Amber are worth GOLD!

And my neighbor Christian was so awesome and saw the massive smoke and came in to check on me and then brought fans and febreeze and basically told me what to do while I was like trying figure out what the heck to do.  and then Mia gave me her house key so I could be doing laundry at her house while she was at work!  Good good people and lucky to have them in our life.

Darby was kinda not feeling herself the next day and stayed home and the thought of having to take her to the doctor the next day was putting me over the edge plus all the PTA ladies were texting me about something that needed to be resolved ASAP and I was losing it and then it all worked out.  Darby being home ended up being the best thing ever because she played with Ivy (even though they did see their mom freak out a few times when I realized the extent of the washing and after not getting sleep since our bedroom smell was so strong it felt like we were IN a campfire).  but Darby ended up not being sick but maybe just needing some mom time.

I'm sure I will remember more when I post pictures because thats what reminds me what the heck we have been doing .

Oh yes, the book.

there is this book i have been wanting to get and then I finally got it and then never cracked it open but with all this washing (seriously it was like having lice people so much washing...even the upstairs bathmats reek of smoke) then I was like, wow we have a lot of crap I should get rid of some or organize our piles so they don't catch on fire finally started reading it and wow love it.

Now i just need to patient enough to finish it before I try and implement the practice but already got too big garbage bags to donate.


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Have you heard our smoke house story

Nancy Jo said...

I didn't know your dryer died too! So grateful that you have such good friends like Amber and Mia!!! Thank you from me for helping Brooke & family! Glad it wasn't worse!! Sorry I wasn't more sympathetic - in lala land here.

Heather said...

So glad you didn't have more damage. I seriously scorched some peas one time and smoked up my house. It took a week for the smell to completely go away.

Beth said...

Oh man!! I still cannot believe this. I'm so glad you guys are ok. Please use my dryer anytime. We are here. Love you!!!!