Friday, February 19, 2016

Family life

Okay so I have been waiting to post but got the green light from Alvhild to brag that I have a new nephew!!!!!  Born on February 15th!  He is adorable and so wish I was there to meet him! We have all been on high alert waiting for him to be born and it was quite exciting to finally tell the kids their new cousin was here.  We all loved seeing pictures and can't get enough!  And then they were just as excited to finally hear what they named him (David Joseph).  Families are so cool, love when we are all rooting for each other!

Jason and I celebrated our anniversary on the 18th and can I just say it was a looooong few days in between Valentine's and our anniversary.  Like I think we were wondering what crazy people we had married and where did the nice versions go?  But like 16 years have taught us, we work through the crap and marriage is a blessing even if we aren't always gifted at immediately!  Sure do love that man and sure don't think we speak the language sometimes!!!  Our kids are so lucky they are learning first hand that marriage is wonderful and also requires a try, try, try again attitude, loads of commitment, and that love is a VERB.  Its okay if we argue and don't always see eye to eye because we are dedicated to each other and know we will always try to work it out .  But seriously, important life skill.

It was quite awesome that we didn't hire a babysitter and can leave our kids at home.  They are getting much better at it!  We ended up at the bookstore and remembered thats where we went on 2nd date!

Had a genius idea and bribed baylie to finally freaking finish Harry Potter... She could play unlimited animal jam on the computer which is what the girls are obsessed with at the moment. They only do the free version. Seriously who has to be bribed to read Harry Potter? Apparently Darby too but I swear it works because those books show how magical reading can be. 

For Presidents' Day we went to the beach and it was gorgeous. Of course my kids are still sad it doesn't snow here...see nobody is ever satisfied but I think the beach is a pretty awesome perk of our life here. 


Nancy Jo said...

Hope you had a happy Anniversary!! Your kids are beautiful! The beach looks awesome! Love the saying!! HEHE

Lindsey said...

haha love radandhappy quote! That ice cream looks goooooood. And hooray for Baylie reading Harry Potter. Brenna just did too and I think that is the kicker for reading. Now she wants to read everything! Love that it was warm enough for the beach. That is awesome and glad you had an anniversary without a babysitter!

Heather said...

Little David is soo precious! (He was born in February instead of Happy Anniversary!

Brooke McCoy said...

Hahahah good catch Heather!!! Glad someone is awake!!!!

Alvhild Evans said...

Haha I was thinking man I sure feel like crap for having him in November! ;)

christy said...

He's so cute! Congrats Branden and Alvhild!!!