Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Okay I keep waiting to write on here because its the VERY FIRST POST OF 2016 so it should be spectacular right??!  Well nothing has come to me, but daily life is pretty great so lets just talk about that.

It rained all day today.  Do you know how long its been since its rained all day?  I long time.  Grateful for the rain.

Tonite we had panini's for dinner tonite.  And watched Merlin.

Today we cleaned rooms, made and ate guacamole and chips (the best chips are from Sams).  Drank hot chocolate.  Prepped pizza dough for tomorrow.  Practiced piano and did chores.  Kids played video games and I took Paisley to check on an ear ache at the doctor.  Oh yes and did a bunch of laundry. Kids have been playing great together and I'm happier when there rooms are clean :)

Love being out of school, 3 weeks break is grand.

I made meatloaf the other nite and finally found the best recipe since I have tried many.


Although nobody has been begging for the leftovers, they all ate it that nite!

Nice to meet you 2016.  Trying not to be nervous because 2015 was the best year in a long time.  Seems like it would be pretty hard to beat.

Oh yes, but we have rats in our garage...yes its really gross.  And I can hear them and it makes my skin crawl and they keep avoiding the traps :/  so I guess there is one thing that could improve this year.  did ya hear that 2016?  get rid of the rats!


christy said...

Borrow a cat😉

Lindsey said...

Haha! 3 week break is awesome!! Love your blog and hope 2016 is even better than 15!!