Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter break

Here is luke and Ivy fighting over the popcorn. We have been eating a lot of popcorn! 

Watching movies. I think baylie was scared...and cold apparently 

We went and visited the lows and it was so fun! Love that family! 
Finally read these Brandon Mull books plus #3 that's not pictured. Love anything he writes. Now I can't wait for the next one in March! 

Caught these two cuties taking a nap. 

Found this herbal tea and love it. Very cinnamon . No sweetener needed. 

 Jason and Luke finished the doors that the girls and I painted this summer . They caulked around all doors and it was a lot! Luke did it a ton and was really good at it! 

 Found this gem on my phone from when Kaitlyn babysat and they did her makeup 

Went to the park so baylie could shoot her arrows. Paisley went on this fun thing! 

Who needs school?! We don't ;) 


Nancy Jo said...

Your pictures are priceless! Love your family!!!

Lindsey said...

Soo fun! Love seeing your girls together! And Luke with the caulking!! Good job!! Such a fun long break!!

Beth said...

I love that tea, too!