Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Home sweet home

My inlaws even cleaned my house!! Why can't I keep it clean!! Seriously was so glad to be back the kids hugged me so hard I couldn't even walk in the door great to be reunited but now reality. I will say as far as re-entries go this one has been pretty great. Full of appreciation. I mean watching Jason and his co-workers I was like wow do they have amazing jobs or what . Dream jobs even. But then I thought I have my dream job too. Nothing else I would rather do in the world than be a mom. 

And whenever you get those thoughts and especially if you really truly mean them boy oh boy watch out. Cause Monday came. Poor Baylie is sick with a fever and pretty miserable and just hoping the others don't fall. And then Jason worked late and at 8 pm when I'm alone I turn into Miss Viola Swamp haha!  

But they are such good kids and thankfully so forgiving of me! 

Today was actually...cold. I couldn't believe it. And guess what this Saturday our team is playing the first place team and if we beat them...well then we would take the top spot but shoot #2 is pretty great too! How fun is that!!!  Sure have loved coaching soccer. What a fun surprise to learn that. 

Luke asked me to play catch tonite which was fun too. And then Darby tried to tackle him before he threw it to practice being under heat. Hahah we entertained sick Baylie pretty good. 

Here's the cutest little keeper ever!!! Before we realized why she wasn't feeling well poor thing!

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Lindsey said...

Soo cute!! Hope she feels better and you don't get it!