Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A pretty perfect day

We were stuck at home cause Baylie is sick. Just enjoyed each other and did a whole lot of nothing special. Sure love my family. 

Know what else I love? Luke having a cell phone!! Greatest thing ever. From sometimes wondering if he likes me at all to getting sweet I love you texts a couple times a day. Really excited for these teenage years what a great kid. It's like all the mushy stuff he doesn't want to stay he will type. Randomly throughout the day. Best thing ever!!! So much fun and joy from a little flip phone!  

We watched movies (I love the mom in Nanny McPhee Returns!) organized rooms, finished my book club book and then we finished dinner by eating paninis. 


Marisse came by for a few minutes and brought her dog jo jo 

Puzzles and piano playing! 

While I don't like drawing on arms Luke wrote lots of sweet things about paisley on her arm and she loved loved it

We have been playing lots of football in the backyard. Loving the cooler weather and having no football practice. When your boy asks you to play catch you say yes!! 

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beach mommy said...

LOVE to see your family! Luke is HANDSOME and looks so grown up!! I miss your butts~ Feel free to come hang anytime with the holiday breaks coming up. Or we can meet in the middle too.. whatever! - Genine Baldree