Thursday, October 1, 2015

oh my goodness where do i even begin?

this week has been so busy but i feel like I say that every week.  but its so busy that i'm like constantly praying i can do it all and then somehow with the Lord's help i do and today i was just exhausted cause finally had no plans which means i needed to go buy food.

my kids have been so good about not complaining about lunches because i haven't been able to shop lately so lunches have been very creative ;)

jason worked at dland two days this week and had to leave super early to get there which means i was on my own in the morning and Luke had to be early since he is taking this really cute video production class.

tuesday i had a skirt party at my house and it was great and successful but tiring! at least it got my house clean!

my dog, oh my dog,  i was being cheap and missed a wash and now he is matted and they won't take him :( i've been trying to brush him every chance i get but he hates it (probably cause it hurts!) and he smells and today he pooped on the floor!  and yes everyone reminds me it was my idea and still glad we have him, just realizing i shouldn't have cut corners on money with the dog cause now its biting me in the butt!

then we got a bunch of money stolen out of our savings account.  half of it the bank already refunded but then waiting on another chunk.  crazy people in the world!  stop stealing from a family with 5 kids ya crooks!!!  like $5600!!!

dude my phone is dead.  oh yeah, so i can't be reached except email and Facebook and so even the school can't reach me if i'm gone or my team or jason.  but ivy is forgive for throwing it in the toilet and i love her way more than my phone.  first world problems.

all week i wanted to meet up with jason one day when he was in anaheim for lunch so i took ivy out of preschool that day but sure enough that morning is when my phone broke.  so i'm like how the heck am I gonna find him with no find in like the biggest place ever?  but my friend was already going down there so i used her phone when i got there and found him but there was like 5 minutes where he wasn't where he said he would be when i was trying to meet him and my friend was gone and i was seriously considering asking a stranger to use their phone.  but then we found him had lunch and he had to keep working.  we rode on a few rides and then i wanted to find my friend again but i didn't have a phone or know where jason was.  so i thought, well maybe they have a spare phone in guest services.  so i was heading there and the thought came to me, i bet if i prayed i could find jason.  Do i have faith enough that he could tell me where he is?  and I was like, ya i do :)  and if he can find lost things surely he could tell me where my husband was.  but i decided to just head to guest services anyway, but would just go down this one way just in case and BAM! there was jason.  i found him.  couldn't believe it and then i was like yes i can, god is so good :)  so then he called my friend so i could meet up with her.

and ya know what else I learned?  i know nobodys phone numbers.  literally the only phone numbers in the whole world i have memorized is my mom and dads.  jasons.  my aunt pams home number (from when i was in college) and my grandparents who are passed away.  none of my siblings or friends who have known me forever, don't know their numbers at all.  funny thing.

But utilizing the church directory on  and putting my phone is rice and praying for a miracle.

my mom comes in one day and we are all so so so so so so so so sososo excited we could burst.


Lindsey said...

I was wondering what you were up to....that is a cool story about finding Jason in Disneyland!!! So glad you get to see Mom! I hope your phone starts working! love you!

Beth said...

I didn't know your mom was coming!!! How exciting!!

Amber said...

That is the COOLEST story of faith in finding Jason at DL! Love prayer.

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