Saturday, October 3, 2015

Best day ever

Where do I begin? I guess in the beginning.

Nana is here.

Baylie scored 2 goals.  Her first ever.

Watched Luke play football on the most beautiful field.

Shade thing did not break and we had bologna sandwiches with miracle whip and chips for lunch.

Found out who the newest apostles are since we were traveling for sports.  How neat!

Darby's team won first game.  Darby played awesome.

Came home and watched priesthood session of general conference with Jason and Luke while eating KFC.

Heard some amazing talks and felt the spirit when President Monson was speaking, what a great man he was.  Keep the commandments!!!

Sister missionaries stopped by and they had no dinner appointment so they ate KFC too!

Christie and Tea stopped by.

House is decorated for Halloween.

Tomorrow is more general conference.

Life is pretty wonderful.

Heard President Uchdorf speak and he was wonderful too!

Nana is now shopping at Sams with Darby and little girls are asleep.

Finally showered cause sports and sun is fun but makes you stinky ;)

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Lindsey said...

Glad Nana was there!!! Conference was awesome! Way to go Baylie and Darby's team!! So nice to feed the missionaries!!