Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For memory purposes

This post is really for me.  :)  For my memory fades more and more.

My little girl is growing up.  This morning while I was having a hard time getting out of bed and repeated hitting my snooze button I finally rolled out at 6:45 a.m. which is sleeping for me!  But as I walked down the hall I noticed the lights were on.

Who's awake I yelled?  No answer.

But as I went down the stairs I realized every single light was on in our whole house.  like every one. Upstairs, down down stairs, kitchen, hall, side lamps, overhead...all lit up.

Then I heard yelling.

So i walked to the sound and found Ivy awake with Rusty, her yelling at him to get in or something.

"He went poo poo and pee pee!"

Ivy had woken up, turns on ALL the lights, let the dog out of his kennel and taken him outside to do his business.

Not bad for a 4 year old!

Than she continued her helpfulness through morning which I appreciated more since Jason had left early.

She got out the milk and the cereals and put them on the table for breakfast.

And then even though I have felt packed to the edges, I felt prompted to go to our relief society scripture meeting even though Ivy was with me and ended up being the only did there.

And she sat perfectly well behaved in my lap while we read and discussed the scriptures (as long as I kept supplying the chips!)

What a little grown girl I have!  Little Ivy is independent which we knew, but growing up!

Then we went to the library and she played on the computer and we got books and then we ate fried mushrooms together for lunch.  Then she told me a story about some friends last year who played and left her out and that it hurt her feelings.

As much as I wish I could volunteer in all the girls classes and such, I am sure going to miss my little buddy at home with me next year.

The end.

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Lindsey said...

Way to go Ivy!! You are becoming a little mama!! Growing up!!! Love you!