Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We love Paisley!!!!

Paisley is 6!!!!!! 

Paisley is a purple loving, hair styling, independent little woman!! She can be so so so sweet and happy and then so so grumpy hahaha!!! She gives me great hugs and compliments and still loves to suck her thumb!!!! 

She has been wishing it was her birthday for a million years!!! And it finally came. 

We watched the movie the music man which she got for her birthday!! 

New outfits from Nana! 

Darby and baylie stayed up late the nite before to help decorate and lay out her presents. We had crepes for breakfast (which always almost kill me and then are gone so fast but they are so good) 

Paisley loves picking things from the garden. I love her little voice and her beautiful eyes! Jason says he loves her smile!! 


Lindsey said...

What a pretty and sweet and smart birthday girl! Her birthday hair and outfit were darling! Those cupcakes look yummy. We love you Paisley!!! You do have a cute voice, beautiful eyes and smile!! xxoxo

Alvhild Evans said...

We love paisley!!! You are so great at making their birthday so special!!

Beth said...

Why do you watch such awesome movie musicals!!?? Love it! Happy birthday to one of my favorites :)