Friday, September 11, 2015

Pictures say 1000 words

Now is this good sleeping or what? Ps I hate the heat. 

Soccer practice crew

After a crappy day we decided a nail painting session is in order. 

 There are over 20 skateboards in front of Luke's school for kids to ride home on. Is this California or what? 

Darby getting her babysitting practice in during the court of honor. Which we only were able to attend because it happened to lightning for 15 minutes and rain and we almost cried because it rained since we had been fasting and praying for it! Oh yes so football got canceled and these two cute boys got their scout awards 


Amber said...

Seriously I noticed the skateboards too. So funny seeing them all lined up along the fence. I'm surprised none get stolen. It's not like they're locked up or anything.

Nancy Jo said...

The skateboards are awesome! Scouts are more awesome!! Love the nails - BEAUTIFUL! Good idea with wagon & umbrella.