Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Girl surfers

Our little girls think they are little surfers. Sadie was telling Lindsey about a boy who totally stole her wave!  Water temp was the best all summer. Went with some friends too and gorgeous beach day. Just forgot about what Saturday beach traffic can be when you leave later. Oh yaaaa that's why we usually go in the morning when there is still cloud cover. 

Rewind to earlier in the week and we went to the temple! The perfect thing to do!  And even diddy Reese (I know that's spelled wrong but I can't remember how at the moment) yummy. 

Oh yaaaaaa I forgot we went to the aquatic center too!! That was fun!!! Paisley finally qualified to jump off the diving board and baylie is finally tall enough for the slowest water slide in the world. Why you are allowed to drop off a really high diving board but not go down a really slow slide boggles me. 

Matching suits!!! Unplanned!! 

Lindsey left early with Layla so it was me with these guys so at one point I bought a bunch of dibs and so here they are sitting still eating them ;) 

I even went off the high dive once and it is scary!! 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute photos. Someday you should get all the girls byu shirts and take pictures two at a time saying future byu roomies

Lindsey said...

BEST week ever!! Thanks for all the fun!!! Good idea Brand. U buy the shirts and its done!